What you'll find here

We're starting with a selection of podcasts. To begin with, the pre-existing The Nudge podcast will have a new home with Hookturn.

It has been joined by two new podcasts: Devil's Avocado and Last Stop to Nowhere. Each of these are about looking at Australian culture in new ways. More recent additions are Twenty Seventy and Literary Punk.

The idea seems pretty simple. We wanted to create a place where nothing was blurted out but everything was thought through. We wanted to create a label that could release media that helps us understand more about where we live and what we do.

Hookturn is made in Melbourne by people who care. That's probably all you need to know.

If you'd like to help support us please become a member or purchase a 'Ding Ding', Or just get in touch to tell us what you think.