Bad Business

Businesses in Melbourne seem to be run by a bunch of thugs, bullies and ne'er-do-wells. Is there anything that can be done to bring business into good repute again? Underworld figures are running the construction industry with bikie gangs getting some of the crumbs. Honest traders seem to have no way to succeed.

Who is saving Melbourne's honest workers from an unfair economic environment when we have an ineffective government? That's where newspaper reporting steps in.

Our expert this week is Ben Butler, business reporter from The Age. He brings us back to reality.


A medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. "I have a bucket loads of money buried in a paddock somewhere near Tooradin." or "I have no money."
The sordid world of criminals and organised crime.
The mythical abode of the dead, deep under the earth somewhere near Tooradin.
An electronic music group who were famous several years ago.
Any sort of commercial activity.
You know imports, exports, getting stuff done for a price. Wanna buy a watch? Wanna buy a watch?
Something one takes care of.
Big buildings we put money in, except they're not really buildings, they're more like huge computers with a marketing department.
This guy.
Money Laundering
To conceal from the fuzz the origins of money you got that you shouldn't have got.
When you go to wash your clothes you accidentally leave a $20 note in your trousers.
Executive Renumeration
What the bosses get paid for all the wonderful work they do to make the earth a beautiful place to live.
Them fools who never get paid when the business goes belly up.
Big time gamblers casinos love because of their huge bank accounts and the blowholes they have on the top of their head for breathing.